〇 Name: PUSH UP

〇Why I started blogging: I want to start a business.

〇Lifelong goal: Realization of “life purpose in old age”

 We want to provide services that enable people to live with purpose until the end of their lives.

○ Hobbies: Muscle training, investment, aroma, fishing, English, guitar, PS4 (Battle Operation 2)

〇 Motto words: positive thinking, three-way good

〇 Advantages of this blog

Through push-ups, you can increase your muscle strength, body temperature, metabolism, and feelings.

You can study the social situation that allows you to build assets by investing.

〇Benefits of this blog (*1)

Push up:

 Gaining strength will make you look and feel healthier, more active, and more positive.

 By being positive, you can actively work on your work and business, and your income will increase.

 It will make your life easier financially, give you more peace of mind, and reduce your anxiety about old age.

 By increasing muscle mass, body temperature rises and is effective in preventing various diseases. Also, you can expect to get a body that is hard to gain weight by increasing metabolism and fat burning rate.

Investment: The investment here refers to diversified investment, index investment (*2), etc. within the range of risk tolerance.

 Investing increases your wealth and gives you peace of mind. Once you get the hang of building your assets, you can put up with being hired by someone, or be freed from being a reluctant salaryman.

 When your assets increase, you don’t have to choose overtime or overtime work, and you can increase your time for travel and hobbies.

 By working while earning a side income, you can work with peace of mind.

 Having more assets can help reduce anxiety about retirement.

 You can become interested in society and world affairs, and the number of topics increases, which is useful for communication.

〇 Why do push-ups instead of muscle training?

 First of all, the reason why it’s called “push-up” instead of “push-up” is simply because grounding is good. (smile)

 This is the main subject, but push-ups are the only muscle training method that I have continued since high school, and I have a strong attachment to them. I would like to upload my feelings about it at a later date, but anyway. I think the word muscle training is commonplace, and I feel tired of hearing it, so I decided to specialize in push-ups, which I have been working on for a long time.

 First of all, good things for everyone reading this blog are: (1) No equipment is needed, and there is no need to carry around. ②It doesn’t cost money. ➂ Space-saving and can be done anywhere. There is an advantage. All that’s left is to do it. I keep myself motivated by playing Western music such as “EYE OF THE TIGER”. Also, uploading the number of times on this blog pushes my body.

 *1 “Benefit” is to convey in an attractive way what the future will look like after obtaining it, such as “What will I be able to do?” and “How will my life change?”

 *2 Risk tolerance refers to setting a cash ratio of 30% to 50% of total assets according to one’s own situation, and investing the rest.

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